TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit Updates 2024 Settlement Status: Know Eligibility Criteria & Payment Dates

The most recent information on the TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit Updates, including the Settlement Amount, Payment Dates, and Eligibility, may be found here. In the context of the TaxAct settlement, the customer who has used the online service between 2018 and 2022 can collect compensation for the alleged violation of their privacy choice.

The TaxAct Settlement was reached due to allegations that the tax website breached relevant privacy laws. is an online service that assists residents of the United States in completing their taxes. In the complaint, it was alleged that the Tax Act violated federal privacy regulations in California. If a taxpayer has submitted their tax return for the year 2023 online using, they may be eligible to receive compensation from a settlement worth $14.95 million.

According to the allegations, TaxAct was accused of sharing its users’ personal and financial information with other firms such as Google and Meta. In the process of submitting their taxes, taxpayers submitted sensitive information, which was included in the information. As part of the settlement of the complaint, TaxAct has agreed to pay $14.95 million, even though they have not acknowledged any wrongdoing.

TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit Updates 2024 Settlement

ArticleTaxAct Class Action Lawsuit
Country United States
Opt-Out Deadline 11 September 2024
Objection Deadline 12 August 2024
Claim Form Deadline11 September 2024
Final Hearing Date21 November 2024
Online Claim Form Available
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TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit Eligibility details that you should know

An accusation that the TaxAct inappropriately shared sensitive information about its users with other parties without first obtaining the users’ consent led to the filing of a lawsuit against the TaxAct.

Plaintiffs who have contended that TaxAct has infringed their right to privacy are eligible to participate in the Settlement to receive compensation.

Those individuals who are eligible for the compensation are those who have United States postal codes and who filed their taxes using the online form 1040 provided by TaxAct between the dates of January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2022.

The settlement sum is available to married couples who submitted joint tax returns with US postal codes and used TaxAct‘s online portal between the years 2018 and 2022 and are eligible to receive it. Residents of the state of California who fall into any of the categories above may be eligible for increased payments.

You may check out the frequently asked questions area of the most popular site for the TaxAct Settlement if you are still confused about whether or not you are eligible.

Amount details of the TaxAct Settlement

We are going to discuss what members of the class who are eligible may anticipate in this part. Each member of the Class may get a cash reward of around $18.65. One thing that should be brought to your attention is that those who live in California and those who have done their taxes jointly will get extra.

TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit
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Customers who have used the solutions offered by TaxAct to prepare their tax returns for the year 2024 will be eligible to get completely free professional help. You must submit a claim by completing the online form that is accessible via the TaxAct settlement site before the deadline, which is scheduled to occur on September 11th, 2024.

Dates’ details for the Payment of TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit Costs

By the 11th of September in 2024, you have the opportunity to submit a request for exclusion if you do not want to participate in the settlement. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the settlement agreement and wishes to object to it has the right to do so up to the 12th of August in 2024.

On the 21st of November 2024, the court will not provide consent for the settlement until the conclusion of the final hearing. Up until that point, we are unable to provide any payment date. As soon as we get any official information about the TaxAct Settlement payment, we will make sure to keep you informed via our publications.


For those who are impacted, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the advantages offered by the TaxAct Class Action Lawsuit. The possible compensation that users who are qualified for the settlement may receive is the key advantage that may be gained from this settlement.

Any financial losses or damages that may have been experienced as a result of TaxAct‘s alleged mismanagement of user data may be mitigated with the assistance of this monetary remedy. In addition, the case highlights the significance of corporate responsibility, suggesting that businesses should continue to uphold strong data security and transparency procedures.

The Upcoming Updates

Several further developments are likely to be made as the case continues to develop. It is a significant step forward when the court gives its consent to the conditions of the settlement, which is then followed by the determination of the total amount of the settlement. Updates on the timing for the distribution of payments are something that users may anticipate getting.

These updates will provide information about when they can anticipate receiving their reimbursement. Furthermore, consumers will be able to better grasp whether or not they are eligible for the settlement if further clarity is provided on the qualifying conditions. For impacted persons to successfully navigate the process, it will be vital for them to be informed via proper means.

Verification of the facts

To avoid the dissemination of false information, it is essential to confirm the facts surrounding the TaxAct class action case. In the first place, the complaint asserts that TaxAct improperly managed customer data, which might have resulted in significant violations of privacy.

In the second place, the court will decide the amount of the settlement depending on the magnitude of the losses and the number of users who were impacted by the litigation. Last but not least, persons who utilized TaxAct services within the relevant period and encountered problems linked to such services are normally eligible for reimbursement. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, you should always consult official legal papers and reputable news sources.

All That We Are Aware Of

Members of the Class are required to submit a claim form by September 2024 to be eligible for the payment. They do not need to present evidence of purchase to file the claim. However, before you send in your claim form, you should investigate whether or not you are eligible for the settlement.

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You should be aware that submitting a fake form might cause damage to other members of the class who are qualified, and if the authority discovers that you have done so, you will be punished. To avoid further legal expenditures and the uncertainty that would be associated with a trial, the TaxAct has decided to settle the dispute. By settling, they are offering compensation to the people who were impacted, but they are not admitting that they were responsible for anything wrong.

It is reasonable to assume that you will get your money after the conclusion of the final approval hearing if you are qualified and file a valid claim before the deadline. There is a possibility that the claimant amount will change based on the number of applications that have been submitted, as well as whether or not you belong to the California subclass or have filed your taxes jointly with your spouse. Maintain a level of awareness about the most recent dates and needs to guarantee that you do not miss any major modifications regarding this settlement.

Final Thoughts

There has been considerable advancement in consumer protection and corporate responsibility as a result of the TaxAct class action case. Those who have been affected by the situation are eligible to receive possible compensation, which is intended to compensate for monetary losses and damages.

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Maintaining a level of awareness of forthcoming events, including settlement amounts, payment dates, and qualifying requirements, is of utmost importance for individuals who are affected. Users can successfully traverse the procedure and successfully ensure that they obtain the compensation that they are entitled to by confirming facts and following official updates.

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