Québec Pension Plan (QPP) Payment 2024-Check Eligibility Criteria & Amount Details

The strong social security system in Canada offers its inhabitants a wide range of benefits, including a variety of sources of financial assistance that are administered at both the federal and provincial levels.

When it comes to this, the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) stands out as an important program that is designed exclusively for those who live in the province of Quebec. Individuals and families in Québec who have made contributions to the labour force are eligible to receive the Québec Pension Plan  (QPP), which is aimed to provide financial stability in the form of retirement, disability, and survivor payments. There are these plans:

Disabilities Pension 

Retirement Pensions 

Survivors benefits

By the end of today, we will have a better understanding of the Québec Pension Plan and how an individual may become eligible for a retirement pension from the administration until the time of their death. About the QPP, the previous payment was distributed on the 28th of March 2024, and the subsequent payment is expected to be distributed on the 30th of April 2024.

Québec Pension Plan (QPP) Payment 2024

The Québec Pension Plan, sometimes known as the QPP, is a mandatory contribution to the public insurance system for workers who are 18 years old or older and earn more than $3,500 a year. In the event of retirement, death, or disability, it is intended to offer vital financial security to those who work in Quebec (or have worked in Quebec) and their families throughout their time of employment in the province.

  • Contributors to the Qualified Income Plan (QPP) are eligible to receive a retirement income beginning at the age of 60; however, the amount of the pension will be reduced if it is taken out before the age of 65.
  • The amount of the retirement pension is determined by the amount, the length of time that payments were made to the QPP, and the age at which the individual determined that they would want to begin collecting the pension.

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Québec Pension Plan (QPP) Payment 2024

Article NameQuébec Pension Plan 
ProvinceQuebec, Canada
AimTo cover retirement, disability, and death.
Eligible age60-70 years
QPP Pension Amount$1306.57/month for 100% reimbursement.
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Who is qualified to claim the QPP? Let’s know the details

An individual’s age, income, job status, and type of disability (if applicable) are some of the factors that determine whether or not they are eligible for the Québec Pension Plan (QPP).

Québec Pension Plan
  • The Qualified Provident Fund (QPP) is a mandatory health insurance program that is available to workers who are 18 years old or older and have an annual working income that is larger than $3,500.
  • Position in the Workforce: A wide variety of job statuses are considered eligible, including paid workers, those who are self-employed, employees of the public sector, employees of the private sector, employees of municipalities, and employees of universities. As long as a person is employed in Quebec and earns more than the minimum income that is mandated, it is presumed that they are required to make contributions to the Quebec Provincial Pension (QPP).
  • For persons to be eligible for retirement pensions, they must have worked for at least one year under their employment. At the age of sixty, they are eligible to apply for a retirement pension; however, the amount of the pension will be smaller than if they had begun receiving it at the age of sixty-five. If someone continues to work after retirement, they will still be eligible to collect their retirement pension.
  • Individuals must be under the age of 65, be considered handicapped by Retraite Québec’s medical experts, and have paid an adequate amount to the Québec Pension Plan  (QPP) to be eligible for a disability pension under the QPP. On top of that, to qualify for a disability pension, an individual’s monthly gross wages must be less than $1,680.
  • In the process of determining the amount of your retirement pension, we take into account the contributions you made to the Canada Pension Plan, even if you worked in a different province or territory within Canada.

When will the QPP payments be made available?

In most cases, the payment of your pension will be scheduled for the last working day of each month. The dates of payment for the next months are shown below for your convenience.

MonthPayment Date
April30 April 2024
May31 May 2024
June28 June 2024
July31 July 2024
August30 August 2024
September27 September 2024
October31 October 2024
November29 November 2024
December30 December 2024

Pension plans for retirees

The following is a revised list of the retirement pension amounts at various ages, which offers more considerable advantages to those who choose to postpone their pension:

The age at which pension startsPercentage of maximum pensionMaximum monthly pension amount (2024)

Compensation for Disabilities

Several different kinds of disability payments are available, and these categories vary according to the age of the recipient as well as other factors:

Disability benefit typeMaximum monthly amount (2024)
Disability pension for persons aged 18 to 59$1606.75
Disability pension for persons aged 60 to 65$583.29
Additional amount for disability for retirement pension beneficiaries$583.29
Pension for a disabled contributor’s child$93.39

The Benefits for Survivors

Revisions have also been made to the survivors’ payments, with particular amounts being determined by the beneficiary’s age, handicap status, and whether or not they have children who are eligible for assistance:

Survivor’s situationMaximum monthly benefit amount (2024)
Orphan’s pension$294.12
Surviving spouse under age 45, not disabled, no dependents$668.91
Surviving spouse under age 45, not disabled, with dependents$1061.12
Surviving spouse under age 45, disabled, with or without dependents$1102.80
Surviving spouse between ages 45 and 64$1102.80
Surviving spouse age 65 or over$822.14

Contribution Specifics for the QPP

Given the example of the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) too it is easy to understand that baseline exemption is set at CAD 3,500 for the year 2024 and the following. The MPEi or an MPE and its stipulation establishes that an annual maximum pensionable earnings (YAMPE) would be $68,500.

The Rates of Contribution

  • For each party, the employer had to send the same part of contributions. The contribution rate for the basic plan is 10.8%, but the one for the supplementary plan is 2% for the worker studying the income from $3,500 to $68,500. Those below $68,500 to $83,200, inclusive, are eligible for the standard rate of 6%, and those finding it hard to make ends meet will deserve the extra plan fee of 8%.
  • The rate by which his premium is charged is almost twice as high since he is the one responsible for paying both parts of the insurance policy that the employer and employee would have been paying separately if he worked in a company.

Highest possible contributions

Both for Employees and for Employers:

The initial option involves the evolution of the MPE up to $65,000 with a sum of $3,510, representing 5.4% of wages. The second one is a supplementary plan that determines the first per cent to amass $650.

A pledge of $188 is necessary given that the over-contribution plan takes power over income that ranges from $68,500 to $73,200, which is about 4% of overall pay.

Self-employed workers should:

For the standard plan, 10.8% ($7,020) is taken into account, whereas 2% of the original budget ($1,300) is expected in the supplemental plan. The original contribution amounts to $65,000.

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The additional insurance payment is equally high as 8% of the additional cost, which is calculated as $4,700; this is the amount the insurance company will charge you as an extra expense.

A Rate of Indexation

An indexation will be 4.4% for the QPP benefits from 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2020. This being so, the adjustments will be made that will reflect the change in the cost of living so the benefits will still have the same purchasing power.

Where Can I Apply for the QPP?

It is unsure that the sum you contribute to a pension fund is paid out to you when it is time for retirement. For the moment, to have the pension payouts, the first step will be to proceed with an application through The Québec Pension Plan. You can obtain your pension any time you choose. However, we have a recommendation that you complete your application form between 1- 3 months before the date you wish to begin receiving it.

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  • Establish a User Account: The website retraitesquebec.com offers you a facility of personalisation where you can create your login account.
  • Kindly finish the application process by making sure you correctly fill in the online application document you need to get the QPP benefits of that choice.
  • Presentation of Documentation: In case of an application, you are required to supply any document upon the request of the concerned department.
  • Please review and send in: Before the last submission, revise carefully to make sure that all of the data is valid by verifying it.
  • Keep an eye on your application: Following the submission of your application, you can track its progress online and communicate with the admission team via email.

It would be better if you were to go through the website of Retraite Québec so you can take full advantage of the instructions and enjoy the most current and accurate information about the application process.

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