OAS $1400/M & CPP $1200/M Payments June 2024-Check Eligibility Criteria & Payment Dates

Old Age Security (OAS) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are two programs that are very significant for senior citizens in Canada. The applicants who are qualified for these two programs are entitled to receive several advantages, which allow them to cover their day-to-day expenses and fulfil their daily requirements. One thing that sets the OAS apart from other retirement plans is that workers do not make contributions to it while they are still working. 

Instead, it is funded by taxes, and those who reach the age of 65 or older are eligible to receive a basic pension from it, regardless of how little labour they completed. At this time, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is going to publish new payments by the OAS $1400/M and CPP $1200/M Payment Dates in 2024. Both the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Old Age Security program provide financial assistance to Canadians throughout their retirement years. 

Participants in this program will only be eligible to receive benefits if they meet the requirements outlined in the OAS and CPP Eligibility 2024. Checks to determine eligibility and other essential facts about the $1400/M Old Age Security and $1200/M Canada Pension Plan Payments 2024 are included in this blog article.

OAS $1400/M & CPP $1200/M Payments June 2024

When it comes to efficiently managing your money, it is very necessary to have a solid understanding of the payment schedule of the Canada Pension Plan. As was the case in previous years, you should assume that you will continue to receive your CPP payments every month in the year 2024. By setting up direct deposit, which ensures that the money will be deposited into your bank account at the predetermined time, you may conveniently get your payments.

Approximately one-quarter of the population of Canada is now living below the poverty line, and they face daily challenges in obtaining the funds necessary to pay for essentials such as food and medical care. To put a stop to this struggle, the government will make payments to senior persons that bring the total amount of OAS payments to $1400 per month and CPP payments to $1200 per month, Payment 2024.

Assisting elderly citizens in attaining their fundamental requirements and dealing with the consequences of inflation is the goal of these payments. They are waiting for the OAS $1400/M and CPP $1200/M Payment Dates in 2024 so that they may get the benefits. This is because the payments have not yet been distributed to the population. You need to be present to get further information on these payments and the benefits they provide.

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Overview of OAS $1400/M & CPP $1200/M Payments June 2024

ProgramOAS $1400/M, CPP $1200/M Payments 2024
Name Of CountryCanada 
Name Of Department Canada Revenue
Name Of Programs OAS and CPP 
Amount Announced $1400 and $ 1200
Mode Of Payment Online 
Payment Frequency Monthly 
Beneficiaries Low-Income Category Senior Citizens Of Canada 
CategoryFinancial News
Website https://www.canada.ca/en.html

OAS and CPP Eligibility Criteria in the Year 2024

Please review the following points to determine if you are eligible for OAS and CPP in 2024.

  • You need to be a permanent citizen of Canada, or if you are not currently residing in the country, you need to have documentation that demonstrates that you have been employed in Canada for at least ten years to be eligible for the benefits of these two programs. 
  • Once again, the minimum age requirement for participation in the CPP and OAS programs is the same: you must be at least 65 years old. 
  • You are required to provide all of the documents that validate your eligibility conditions when you apply for these two programs. Once you have done so, the amounts that you have applied for will be sent to your bank accounts.

Payment dates’ details 

Because these two programs share their qualifying requirements as well as other aspects, when we discuss the dates on which OAS and CPP payments are made, we can. Check out the chart below to become acquainted with the OAS payment dates of $1400 per month and the CPP payment dates of $1200 per month for the year 2024. 

OAS $1400/M & CPP $1200/M
Name Of MonthsOAS $1400/M, CPP $1200/M Payment Dates 2024
Jan29th, 2024
Feb27th, 2024
Mar26th, 2024
Apr26th, 2024
May29th, 2024
Jun26th, 2024
Jul29th, 2024
Aug28th, 2024
Sep26th, 2024
Oct29th, 2024
Nov27th, 2024
Dec20th, 2024


Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments provide crucial financial assistance to eligible Canadians, assuring a minimum level of income in retirement. These payments are referred to as financial security.

Predictable Income: Recipients can better manage their budgets and spending when they receive payments regularly, which contributes to their capacity to maintain financial stability throughout their retirement years.

Support That Is Easily Accessible Both the Ontario Assistance Program (OAS) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are meant to be easily accessible to persons who are qualified for them. They assist regardless of the individual’s job history or income level.

Payments from the Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) complement other retirement assets for a significant number of seniors, so contributing to an overall improvement in their financial well-being.

Social Safety Net: These payments are an essential component of Canada’s social safety net, which serves as a basis for the financial stability and quality of life of elderly citizens.

The Upcoming Updates:

OAS and CPP payments are subject to periodic adjustments to account for inflation. This ensures that beneficiaries’ buying power is maintained over time to ensure that they continue to get the benefits they are entitled to.

Future revisions may include modifications to eligibility criteria, payment amounts, or program restrictions to accommodate shifting demographic, economic, and social variables. These modifications may be made to adapt to the changing circumstances.

There is a possibility that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would implement enhancements to simplify the application process, improve digital services, and provide improved assistance to both applicants and beneficiaries.

Verification of the Facts:

Payment Amounts: As of the most recent update, the amount of the Old Age Security (OAS) payment for eligible seniors is up to $1400 per month, while the amount of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payment may be up to $1200 per month, based on a variety of criteria including contributions and the age at which applicants are eligible.

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A person’s eligibility for Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits is decided by several variables, including their age, residence status, and what they have contributed to the respective programs. Eligibility may be verified by applicants on the website of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or by calling the CRA directly.

Dates of Payment: The dates of payment for the Canada Pension Plan and Ontario Disability Insurance are normally planned every month. The particular dates of payment might vary based on criteria such as the recipient’s birthday or the desired form of payment. Either via their CRA My Account or by getting in touch with the CRA, recipients can verify the dates of their payments.


To summarize, the Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments are very important in ensuring the financial well-being of elderly citizens in Canada. These programs provide seniors with critical financial stability by providing them with regular monthly income, which contributes to the quality of life of retirees.

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is continuously updating and improving its services; thus, it is essential for persons who are eligible to be aware of their rights and to get the help they need to have a secure retirement.

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