GIS $2189 Payment Date May 2024-Know Eligibility Criteria & Amount Details

There is some good news for senior citizens in Canada! It has been confirmed that the GIS $2189 Payment Date of May 2024 has received the approval of the Honourable President Trudeau. Because inflation has been producing issues for individuals.

Along the same lines as the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the GIS also offers a specific monthly income to senior individuals in Canada who meet the requirements, as stated in the GIS $2189 Eligibility 2024 information. They can raise their level of life by participating in this program that provides monthly payments. If you are interested in learning more about the GIS $2189 Payment Dates 2024, then you need to be present with us. This post will offer you with a comprehensive briefing on this topic.

GIS $2189 Payment Date May 2024

To fulfil its mission, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is committed to providing financial support to senior citizens who are living below the poverty line. This Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is available to all persons under the age of 65 who are living below the federal poverty level. To be eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement, you must either be receiving an Old Age Security pension at present or have an annual income that is lower than the maximum annual level. This may be done either by yourself or with a spouse.

When determining whether or not you are eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement on an annual basis, the data from your Federal Income Tax and Benefit return is used. Your welfare benefits will be renewed automatically depending on your income if you continue to meet the requirements. Several criteria, including the Consumer Price Index, are taken into consideration when determining the GIS allocation in Canada.

These elements include welfare from the OAS and CPP. This plan was made public by the government in an attempt to facilitate the passage of the Big Relief for Seniors legislation via the parliamentary process. Although it has not been verified that the GIS $2189 May 2024 would be implemented, this is a significant step towards supporting elderly adults in enjoying lifestyles that are more pleasant at this stage of their lives.

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Overview of GIS $2189 Payment Date May 2024

Name Of ProgramGuaranteed Income Supplemental 
Name Of Department Federal Government 
Name Of CountryCanada 
Amount to be issued $2189
$2189 Guaranteed Income Supplement May 2024Check Dates Below
Frequency of Payment Monthly 
Beneficiaries Canadian Senior Citizens 
Category Financial News
Official Website

GIS $2189 Payment Date 2024 Program; Let’s get the details

Senior persons are eligible to receive the advantages of the GIS $2189 Payment Date, which will assist them in meeting their fundamental necessities and managing their monthly costs. To determine who is eligible to receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement amount each year, the authorities make use of the date on which the Federal Income and Tax Benefit revenue was received.

The amount of GIS welfare that will be given each year will be determined by the rise; if you are eligible, you will directly get these benefits. The government of Canada determines the allotment of GIS by combining considerations such as income assets and consumption index with welfare from the Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan. The President of Canada has given his approval to this GIS payment of $2189 to provide significant assistance to elderly citizens so that they may continue to live a happy and secure life in the nation.

In May of 2024, a Guaranteed Income Supplement valued at $2189

Under the Guaranteed Income Supplement, which the federal government administers for the benefit of senior people in Canada, the program that allows for the distribution of the $2189 GIS Payment Date 2024 amount is being implemented. Every month during the year 2024, senior persons who meet the standards for eligibility will receive a monthly payment of $2189.

GIS $2189 Payment

The payments that are made via the program will be transferred directly into the bank accounts of those applicants who are qualified for the program, and the authorities will determine the dates of payment.

Eligibility for GIS $2189 Payment Date 2024

It is necessary for Canadian nationals who have discovered this program to be intriguing and who are interested in receiving the advantages of GIS $2189 Payment Date to be aware of the prerequisites for entry into the program. To ensure that all older individuals adhere to these qualifying conditions, the Canada Revenue Agency has established them to be closely adhered to. It is because of this that the department will be able to guarantee that the program’s full benefits will be accessible to just those Canadian citizens who are worthy and who have been touched by the situation.

Senior citizens of Canada must be at least 65 years old to have access to the advantages offered by this program. Citizens of other countries who have relocated to Canada and are interested in enjoying the benefits of these programs need to demonstrate that they have resided in Canada for more than ten years after attaining the age of 18 and that they want to make Canada their permanent home.

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Individuals in Canada who have earnings that are either lower than or equal to the criteria set by the government will have these benefits deposited into their bank accounts. Residency is one of the most crucial conditions, according to the most recent changes; if you are not a citizen of Canada, your application will be instantly refused.

Dates for the payment of $2189 for GIS in 2024

From January 2024 through December 2024, the agency that is in charge of managing the Guaranteed Income Supplement has supplied the dates for the payments that will be made during the whole year. Therefore, the following is a list of the GIS $2189 Payment Dates:

  • It is scheduled that the payment will be made on the 29th of each month beginning in January, May, July, and October.
  • The money will be distributed to the people on the 27th of February and November, respectively, in February and November.
  • It is scheduled that the payment of GIS will be made on the 26th of each month in March, April, and June.
  • On the 28th of August, citizens will get their payment, and on the 25th of September, citizens will receive their payment. Both of these dates are in September.
  • On the twentieth of December, the payments that are due to the qualified people will be distributed.

A step-by-step application guide

To start receiving the GIS $2189 amount from the Federal Government of Canada, you are required to complete the procedures and fill out the application form. For this reason, we have provided you with a concise guide that will make the process of applying for GIS $2189 for May 2024 extremely simple. 

Home Page
  • The most important thing to note is that if you are applying online, you are required to visit the official website of the organisation, which is located at
  • After clicking on it, you see that there is a GIS option on the homepage of the website; you need to touch on that button. 
  •  You will find the application form there when you open that tab; thus, you will need to fill out your information with great care. 
  • evidence of identity, including evidence of age and residency, facts about the person’s bank account, and any other necessary information, must be provided by the individual. 
  • To ensure that you do not have any kind of difficulty in obtaining your money, we recommend that you look over all of your documentation twice.  

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