Canada Extra GST Payment June 2024- Know Eligibility Criteria & Amount Dates

If you are a taxpayer in Canada, the Canada Extra GST Payment that has the potential to be received by you in 2024 is contingent upon several circumstances that are discussed further down in this article. Individuals and families with low and moderate incomes are eligible for this sort of payment, which helps them balance the goods and services tax (GST) and the goods and services tax (HST) that they pay. This payment, which will be visible on your filing status, will be included in the consideration that you will get automatically.

Many people are interested in receiving this Canada Extra GST Payment in 2024, and some of them who are unaware of this payment are seeking information on what the Extra GST Payment is, when it will be made, and who is eligible for it. It may be concluded that this article contains all of the information that pertains to this payment. To acquire further knowledge, you should be aware of the changes that are provided below.

Canada Extra GST Payment June 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for distributing payments of the federal goods and services tax to taxpayers in the nation who are qualified for such payments. These payments are dependent on the amount of income tax that was paid during the year. You are required to fulfil certain standards to be eligible for this Extra GST Payment in Canada. If you are worried about obtaining this payment, then you must complete these requirements. 

In addition to this, the government of Canada is providing qualified taxpayers with certain Extra GST Payments. These payments will be of assistance to the taxpayers, particularly those residents of Canada who come from families with low or moderate incomes.

This money, which is exempt from taxation, will be sent straight to the bank account, and if you have children who are eligible and are under the age of 19, you may be eligible for further payments via this method. Your yearly income and filing status will determine the amount of this payment that you are permitted to make.

As of right now, the government is completely ready to hand out this payment to the taxpayer who is entitled to it. When it comes to providing financial aid to low-income individuals and families who need it, the New Extra GST Payment Canada 2024 will be of great assistance. 

Eligible families will also see a reduction in the financial load and tax burden as a result of this. You are eligible to receive the Canada Extra GST Payment 2024 if you satisfy the conditions and your yearly income does not exceed the restrictions that the respective federal government has imposed. 

You may be eligible for some extra payment if your dependent children are younger than the age specified; however, if there is a change in the data, the government and the agencies that are responsible for it will examine your details and then repay you according to the new information. If you want to get benefits on schedule, you will need to ensure that your information is up to date. To get further knowledge, you may read the parts that are provided below and gather useful information from those areas.

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$7800 Canada Child Benefit 

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Overview of Canada Extra GST Payment June 2024

Name Of Post Canada Extra GST Payment 
Name Of Country Canada 
Name Of Department Canada Revenue Agency 
Canada Extra GST Payment Amount 2024$496 to $650
Beneficiaries Canadian Taxpayers 
AimTo alleviate financial strain due to increased cost of living and inflation
CategoryFinancial News
Official Website

In Canada, what does the Extra GST stand for in 2024?

This Canada Extra GST Payment will be made available to individuals who are residents of Canada and who are members of the lower-income category in the year 2024. This payment will be accessible in addition to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) that people pay on purchases of goods and services.

The provision of financial help to individuals and families with low incomes to assist them in organising their expenditures is the primary purpose of this payment. After you have submitted your income tax return, you will be able to see this information. Following that, the government will provide you with a tax refund in the form of a GST payment in 2024. Therefore, if you pay income tax for the taxation year, you will be eligible to receive this payout.

Canada Extra GST Payment

Applications for this GST/HST Refund 2024 are open to anybody who wants to get the refund money sent straight into their bank account. The adjustment of this refund will be made with your forthcoming income tax return after some time has passed, and this will assist you in lowering the amount of tax that you are required to pay.

This indicates that individuals or families with modest incomes will be able to save some money when it comes to paying their income tax returns as a result of the refund. Therefore, it is helpful for those individuals who are experiencing a financial crisis and, as a result, are unable to manage the expenditures of their essential living expenses. If you are interested in learning more about Canada Extra GST Payment 2024, you can do so by visiting the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Eligibility requirements

If you are interested in implementing GST/HST Payments in Canada, you will be required to fulfil several prerequisite provisions. Only citizens who meet the requirements for eligibility will be entitled to receive this Canada Extra GST Payment.

I have detailed the eligibility requirements below. Refunds will only be made available to those who have paid their income tax promptly. Additionally, you should be aware of the time when the CRA will make this payment for you, and you may check the specifics that are provided below for additional information.

  • It is required that you have a permanent residence in Canada.
  • It is required that the income tax return for the taxation year be paid.
  • It should be 19 years old that you are using.
  • Additionally, if you are less than 19 years old, you must fulfil one of the following requirements within the same period.
  • Having a spouse or common-law partner, being a parent, and living with your eligible kid are all requirements for eligibility.

Documents Required for Application

If you want to apply for this refund, then you are required to attach the papers that are listed below. These are the papers that are necessary for you to be eligible to receive Canada Extra GST Payments in the year 2024. There is no need for you to submit another application for this payment if you have previously applied for it. You are welcome to read the following revisions for documentation purposes.

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents issued by refugees, immigrants, and citizens of Canada
  • Documents that show your common-law partner ID or Spouse ID
  • Visitor Record, etc.

Amount of the Canada Extra Goods and Services Tax Payment in 2024

Beneficiaries who are qualified for this program will be able to claim the refund amount on their income tax returns that they have initially submitted. In the case of individuals belonging to low-income categories, this is an additional payment. Take a look at the table that follows if you are interested in gaining an estimate of the amount of money that you will get from your GST/HST refund in the year 2024.

Canada Carbon Rebate

CPP Inflation Increase 

Canada GST/HST Netfile 

Canada Child Benefit Increase 

ParticularGST Refund Amount 2024
For Single$496
For Married or has a Common Law Partner$650
Children under 19 years of Age$171

Dates for the Refund Payment of GST and HST in 2024

You are required to study this part to acquire knowledge about the payment schedule that is presented here if you are seeking the Canada Extra GST Payment Date 2024. Canada Goods and Services Tax (GST) refund payments are distributed by the Canada Revenue Agency to qualified recipients four times a year.

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If you have applied to this return, you will be able to get the money on the specified date, and this payment will be consistent from year to year. For a comprehensive breakdown of the payment schedule for the Canada Extra GST Payment 2024, please refer to the following.

FrequencyPayments Dates
1st5 January 2024
2nd5th April 2024
3rd5th July 2024
4th4 October 2024

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